Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sketchbook: One Foot Forward

Just a few sketches from One Foot Forward. It's neither necessary nor relevant to name one's sketchbook, but it's fun sometimes. And if I'm in a hurry, I can usually remember what's where in what volume.
So something about censorship, a man in a top hat and a strange couple who 'do'. And what they 'do' is up to you~

A Nose for Beau

Heads up~
Another face for the five hundred faces and this one's here's to you, Beau. You know who you are.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monsters Are Everywhere!

Roger and Steve- a dynamic duo. Monster spotting and cataloging since 19--. Roger never used to be able to see what existed beyond the surface of our world, but after swiping his grandfather's Leika and peering through its viewfinder...

Things have never been the same. He shortly thereafter met up with the enigmatic creature 'Steve' and despite their differences- such as Steve's occasional threats to eat him- they got on splendidly.

At the very least, Roger can count on his friend to keep him from becoming someone else's snack. Because really-

Monsters are Everywhere.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Achoo! Cyberchondria.

Illustration for an article entitled 'The Gist', dealing with the exposure of a rising trend in cyberchondria. Patients choosing the internet for self diagnosis, sometimes with adverse and disastrous effects. Including and certainly not limited to an increase in stress and anxiety which begins to hang around a patient like a noose.

Be careful with what you choose to look up and what you choose to ignore.

"He thought it had been the common cold, but that search engine was telling him he had Malaria..."

He's your Backpack, your pillow and your best friend.

Meet Danni the dotted dino. He's a multi-purpose creative smorgasbord for kids- Open up his zipper mouth and you'll find that he's really got a stomach you can put your possessions in and plush adjustable straps to keep him close. Want to get something you've stored? Open his mouth, stick your hand in and pull it out! Want to cuddle up with a friend when the day's all done? Danni'll be right there- he's soft, hug-sized and comfortable enough for sweet dreams all the year through.

Feel like being a dino yourself? His arms, though plush in the hands, are actually still gloves that you can put your own hands and arms in and go from modern kid to Jerassic terror in seconds flat.

Danni's a little guy for a dinosaur, but he's got plenty of surprises and a whole lot of heart.

Observe- nothing up this sleeve, nothing up this sleeve and then-!

Observational sketches from daily life. A good friend's mother who had sported a beautifully serene smile, a friend from class- Isadora- who had a curious and wonderful character to her as she sat attentively listening to our instructor's lesson, and the feet of a model from Mr. Board's anatomy class. Feet are often quite difficult to draw correctly so as much practice as can be gotten, the better. Put one foot forward, and you'll get to the finish line eventually!


I want to spend the 'roost' of my life with you.
Copic marker, ink and ink wash chicken in the shape of a heart, just for that special someone on valentine's day. Present this to your chickadee and they might just crack a happy tear or two.

Face the facts! Ten for Five Hundred Faces

This is an interesting endeavor and it might possibly go up in number if it goes well. Ten faces in a line of Five hundred. Various styles, different types. Men, women, children and maybe a baby or two. It's a no bars, no hold free for all- Expressions and characterizations, experimenting with the representation of our lovely human visage.

Presidential Puns- Washington, Washington

Kicking off a fresh blogging start with a sense of humor and some super- depending on what tickles your funny bone at least- puns. A young George Washington plays quietly with his Lincoln logs under the watchful eyes of his Teddy, both perched on a lovely, comfortable little Polk-a-dot blanket. Feel free to groan if you'd like, but George is on a mission and he will build that fortress. After all, he said he would and by all means- does the boy ever tell a lie?

Done in prisma and copic markers with a slight mahogany ink outline.