Sunday, September 20, 2009

He's your Backpack, your pillow and your best friend.

Meet Danni the dotted dino. He's a multi-purpose creative smorgasbord for kids- Open up his zipper mouth and you'll find that he's really got a stomach you can put your possessions in and plush adjustable straps to keep him close. Want to get something you've stored? Open his mouth, stick your hand in and pull it out! Want to cuddle up with a friend when the day's all done? Danni'll be right there- he's soft, hug-sized and comfortable enough for sweet dreams all the year through.

Feel like being a dino yourself? His arms, though plush in the hands, are actually still gloves that you can put your own hands and arms in and go from modern kid to Jerassic terror in seconds flat.

Danni's a little guy for a dinosaur, but he's got plenty of surprises and a whole lot of heart.